Coming from the small town that I was raised in, a tainted view once prevented me from seeing Love for what it truly is: Trust, commitment, partnership & compassion.  It took me a few tries to find it for myself (and grateful I never gave up)

It was an absolute honor, the day that my friend of 28 years, called me to tell me that he was getting married to his TRUE LOVE of 27 years, Steve. A relationship that once had to hide, as it endured more than I'd like to publicly admit of my own.

My first thought was not "two dudes", or "same-sex marriage" or "gay", rather... " It's about friggin' time!"

Thank you for allowing me the past decades to evolve my art enough to not see anything more through my lens than Love. You both deserve your long-awaited opportunity to share it publicly, and I'm absolutely honored that you allowed me to share this movie with your friends.

Cheers to the next 2.5 decades of your great example of an enduring, beyond-this-realm Friendship.

To your viewers... This is an unpolished version of the movie. It will be perfected once they mill over the hundreds of images they've been presented.

Congratulations Terry, Steve, and your amazingly supportive families!

Love to both of you,