(okay, storytelling, but weddings are a GREAT release for doing it!)

Brian caught being Brian at his first Disney Dream Wedding at Anaheim CA. Want to get married there? Brian is Disney "Preferred Photographer" which is now required for Disney Dream Weddings.

Brian caught being Brian at his first Disney Dream Wedding at Anaheim CA. Want to get married there? Brian is Disney "Preferred Photographer" which is now required for Disney Dream Weddings.

Before losing yourself in the samples and blah blah about me below - I have a confession to make. There are some weddings that I regret even being asked to shoot. Before you write me off as being too bold, rude, or abrasive, please read about this recent, unfortunate incident with an open mind.  It is loaded with "what to look for in a professional photographer".

Statistics say that you're five times more likely to click on the videos below first, and that's okay, but after the videos - please read this article.

If after reading that post, you still want to work with me, there are some RED BUTTONS at the bottom of this page to get things started.  I am forthright about pricing, but know that an accurate quote requires us meeting to pencil out what you'd like. No pen-rolling sales-pitches, but frankly - don't even think of hiring me, until you've both met with me! Pricing and availability might sound perfect, but won't matter if you don't gel with your photographer.

I am stealth for the candids, directive & efficient with those planned shots, but let's face it - the camera is not what makes this happen. If you don't like the person behind the camera, you may wind up with a great deal of artistically-composed, undesirable expressions!  : ^).  (hasn't happened, but only because my clients come in to kick the proverbial tire first)


Weddings are where it all began for me. Certain that I'd be nothing more than a nature photographer, one brave uncle hired me to shoot his wedding. No back-up gear, no lighting, no insurance and for me - no sleep until the film was processed!  A gamble with inexperience that I'd never take again, I got a mentor who reinforced how risky it was to offer my services without backup gear and insurance.

That was 30+ years (and 10's of thousands of wedding images) ago. I thrived at people photography, balanced with photo retreats for nature-only shooting, and yet, it keeps coming back to weddings. The one thing that allows me to plan, plan, plan, and then let go! It's instinct, it's "Johnny-on-the-spot", it's wide peripheral vision to see things before they happen, it's empathy to know when a father will tear up, or a flower girl will go charmingly off-the-plan!

More than that, it's a reminder to me that LOVE IS ALIVE! I am passionate about my work, and honest enough to tell you if I don't think my style is what you're looking for. I only ask that you do the same when we meet. It's not the camera, it's the chemistry of us all as a team. It's not the camera, after all, that will induce the levity when your breathing falls short before vows. (yes, I've talked a few brides off of the proverbial ledge, and reminded groomsmen to breathe their way into full presence)

I want to capture couples that KNOW what they want. If this is you, please click the button below to reserve a time that we can all meet-up. If you're in different states (or countries - as it was for me and my wife) we can Skype.

There's no catchy funnel to bait you on pricing, I'm straight up with numbers, but until we determine which services and inclusions matter most to you, numbers are just numbers.

Most couples land between $2500-$4000 average, but yours could be less or more if you take me to The Bahamas or Disney! (YES, I can do that, I'm on the Anaheim Disneyland "Preferred Vendor List". (and I've shot enough in The Bahamas, to guarantee you'd take back some AMAZING wall art!


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The two most important days of your life are the day that you were born, and the day you found out why.
— Mark Twain
Brian fulfilling Bucket List on Safari in Kenaya - 2013

Brian fulfilling Bucket List on Safari in Kenaya - 2013

While on a shoot in Kenya to document mission work for my client, I found myself voluntarily shooting a Kenyan wedding. The day before we left for the remote village, I discovered an elaborate wedding about to occur at the compound/venue we stayed at in Nairobi. With permission from their Kenyan photographer, I voluntarily recorded a few hours worth of priceless images. Did I happen to mention that I'm passionate about this craft?

As your professional photographer, I get to be your historian as well as author. It is my responsibility to preserve your flowers, cake, dress, tuxes, jewelry, venue and MOST importantly your relationship.

If after we meet, you don’t feel that I have the aptitude, confidence or levity-producing ability, to produce or capture the true essence of your wedding, I will be grateful enough that you at least kicked my tire. I truly would never want to serve a couple that was not 100% certain of their choice.

I dress the part, and go to great lengths to not be noticed while I capture you savoring this day.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS, and I do hope we have the chance to meet.   Brian

Let's Meet Up...

Since you and your partner represent two-thirds of the scheduling equation, we've implemented an online calendar so that you can book now while you're thinking about it. If you don't see a time available that works for your schedule, just call Brian to ask for something after-hours.