Welcome Lake Oswego Chamber Board Members

Business Headshots Portland OR 027.jpg

To increase the cohesive appearance, lighting and color of the full group, we have blocked out two full days to minimize changes needed to produce the best possible result.

SUIT JACKETS RECOMMENDED - NOT REQUIRED. My recommendation is that whatever you choose, darker solids, or minimal patterns work best. Brighter colors are a distraction - esp. reds & whites.

These are the dates that were provided at your December board meeting for consideration, plus a few more just added closer to lunch.

If you are unable to do any of these, please call the studio and ask for Brian. (503-246-3056). It will look MUCH more uniform if we can make this work for you on the same two days.

Thank you in advance for reserving at your earliest convenience to help meet the printing deadlines.

The gray background seen here will be used, though it may be a bit brighter for your purpose.