Happy Anniversary Cathy!.. In a Heartbeat...

I'd do it all again, that is. Today is the day that I sealed-the-deal with my Ultimate Partner - Cathy.

You may be in LA tonight, but after dating from 8000 miles away, (New Zealand) you're still HERE!

Thought I'd repost this entry, which was my very first BLOG entry (EVER) in 2009. "Happy Anniversary Cathy, got you on my, mi - hind..." (Can you hear Little River Band?)

My first blah blah blog...


Well what better way to start off this journal, than to share that "I GOT MARRIED!" Cathy Sheree Morland, left her native New Zealand, to take on the difficult task of accepting my last name of Geraths. (to those that care, we pronounce it Garretts).

Our dear friend Kary used to be a judge, and made herself available for the intimate/legal wedding to hold us over until October 10, 2009 (something a bit more ceremonial then). It will take me that long to find a photographer I am sure...

So, I have NO idea where blogging will fit into my day, but I'll give it a whirl until it begins to fill narcissistic... You have plenty more to be doing in life than to sit at a computer, but once in a while, I might just come up with a nugget of wisdom that will be impossible not to share.

Live full, die empty!

More later, but we're off to Vegas for a week of WPPI. Photographers, come see us at the http://www.morephotos.com booth, plugging this software that we LOVE to use!

Posted 13th February 2009 by Brian Geraths

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