What happened to Prints Charming?.. Nothing but a branding evolution!.. It’s still Brian Geraths’ creative release, just something BRAND NEW for a name!.. More about that here…

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I was that high school shutterbug that ran out of classes with access to the darkroom (including TA in photography & yearbook) before my senior year.

My art teacher and I sold the principal on my idea to convert a janitors closet into my own darkroom, and to take it as an art class. Sit in on the concept of each art project, then convert it into something photographic that I could then count as an art credit.

Okay, maybe that’s a tad more than the typical shutterbug, I was, and still am, in my “zone” by wrapping my four-corners-of-perspective around a scene that my clients will want hanging as art in their living room. Custom art, because YOU’RE IN IT!

In 1996 I opened the nations first Prints Charming Photography. It was a clever name/play on words, but over time, it felt more “cute” than creative. All to find a way to NOT use my less-than-marketable surname Geraths (rhymes with carrots - unless you’re in Germany).

After MUCH deliberation over the historic value (nevermind all of those five-star reviews to Prints Charming) June, 2019, STUDIO B was born!

More about Brian?..

Cameras show what you look like, professional photographers capture who you are.
— Brian Geraths