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Brian ignoring his cleaning bill to make sure he gets the best shot!..

Brian ignoring his cleaning bill to make sure he gets the best shot!..

In addition to the humbling number of awards for my portrait work, it's the Best Photojournalism one that defines me most. Every country or state that I was hired to shoot events in (most of them a mix of event and on-site headshots), created an opportunity for me to also discover a culture. Foreign or corporate, it's a chance to put on my observer goggles, and direct less.

For those of you that study brain functions, it's best defined in those terms. I PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, with my systems-driven, organizing left-brain. Then on arrival, I completely let go and chase my lens around, guided by my instinctive right brain that seems to know before I do where that unplanned-for shot will be.

That burst of laughter, hug of gratitude or other impromptu elements that add a texture to your event that makes you happy that you hired a professional. (and yes, I typically capture a few video clips to add spice to potential movie collages like below)

SAMPLES (collaged as videos) :




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Brian fulfilling Bucket List on Safari in Kenya - 2013

Brian fulfilling Bucket List on Safari in Kenya - 2013


I've shot weddings in numerous states, including Canada and Kenya. His client list has included Intel, Starbucks, Fred Meyer and the Portland Rose Festival.  Most of his travel was to record events, where onsite portraits were also needed. Those jobs included travel to The Bahamas, Japan, Toronto, New Zealand, Alaska, Australia and numerous US cities. (any wonder how I met my Kiwi wife?)

After 20+ years of experience and retrospect, I've finally been able to define what sets me apart from "that person that likes to take pictures - buys a camera, rents a lens, and puts your images on the back burner for a month - while they go to work at their 'real job'"

You know - the other 9 of 10 in our industry! Not to be critical, I actually started there - but ONLY with intent to make a career of my gifts. Never to undermine an industry, by not knowing how to charge a living wage so that I could do it more and get better EVERY time.

I am all about over-delivery, so it's safe to say that you'll get more than your money's worth.

I'm the guy who always had the camera glued to his right eye, perfecting his artistic composition and quick-reflex timing to somehow detect laughter before it occurs!

Before discovering photography at age twelve, it was creative writing. In high school, I was "Joe Photo" to classmates who likely thought Kodak D-76 and Fixer were my idea of cologne.

I was obsessed enough to take every possible class that involved both forms of storytelling. Photography (at all levels), Journalism, Yearbook all topped off with my favorite - Creative Writing. I even converted the Art Room, janitorial closet into a darkroom, creating my own unique elective at Pendleton High School.

I’ve always considered that - whatever we choose to do while on vacation, unplugged and away from “the daily grind”, is likely WHO we are.

The two most important days of your life are the day that you were born, and the day you found out why.
— Mark Twain