Family to Family

I love the fact that I can trace nearly every single client of today, back to someone I can thank in 1996 for the referral to referral to referral... It truly is a Family Tree, when I consider how few ads I've run in these 15 years as Prints Charming.

Though I've never taken ANY of them [clients] for granted, they did get a great deal more gratitude emitted their way after I watched many studios struggle or close since 2008. We chewed our own nails, until realizing that we needed them to keep working - and that we did.

We down-sized, we lowered prices, we COMPLETELY revamped the way we presented our work - but in the end, what made the biggest difference was that our family remained loyal to us. They referred their friends, they returned often themselves and by means of a couple of daily deals, we adopted a few more.

THANK YOU for choosing us, trusting us, referring us and for giving me a chance to do what I ABSOLUTELY LIVE TO DO - Create!

Here's to another 15 Portland (and Long Beach CA - thank you Rivera-Hee family for flying over THOUSANDS of other photographers and still letting me capture beautiful Kai!)

Brian GerathsComment