Brian's Scenic Photography on Display (after 30 years)

Nairobi International as sun was rising.

Nairobi International as sun was rising.

As ridiculous as that might sound, it's pretty much true! Of course there's a pretty extensive story to accompany here, if you want the details...

LO Postcard

Prints Charming Photography has taken me to many countries while on assignment. Every exotic booking was usually accompanied by an extra week to travel with hope to create more of these...

Japan, The Bahamas, Kenya etc.

I received an invitation to display a few images that are at least "2000 miles from A Avenue" (downtown Lake Oswego)

“Giving Tree” - Kyoto Japan

“Giving Tree” - Kyoto Japan

Here's a small sample of what I hope to grow into my dream collection. A project that has been stewing in my mind since I was about 14 years old.

Please come check out the display between July 10 to August 14th at 510 Museum and Art Space

Your support will encourage me to print some more before another 30 years goes by...


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