Lake Oswego Weddings...

Let's face it, we photographers are a dime-a-dozen, right?..

Some are hobbyists, grabbing a few bucks when our "real work" doesn't fulfill us - or working 20 hours a day to do both.


When you take the proverbial leap, you have to shoot pretty much EVERYTHING in order to sustain yourself. Been there, done that!. Too busy editing seniors to want to shoot a weekend wedding, or too busy editing weddings during the week, to want to even think about portraits.

How I ever survived doing both for twenty-plus years is beyond me. Three parts passion, one part psychotic?..

When I hung the shingle in '96, I had already been shooting weddings as my escape-plan to retail. I chose to focus on HS Seniors, since that could be my 5-10 year plan for future brides. I did this for several years, and thank GOD I cut out the processed food addiction and regulated my scotch intake. Why?..

Because 90% of my weddings are the fruit of my HS Senior days, and the better portion of them were Lake Oswego grads that remembered I looked like Doogie Howser MD back then. (though I wasn't the teen that Doogie was)

I could not be more grateful that I stopped advertising for weddings a few years ago, since it has allowed me to be available to my returning clients. Not only have I never lost the love for shooting them, but my 20 year old daughter Maddie assisted me on one of those LO Brides (See Bruce & Lexi Movie), and my 15 year old just assisted me shooting one for one of my classmates' daughter. (movie nearly done, will edit post to share Erika & Ben Olson later)


This Friday's wedding will be one of my former Southridge High girls, who will be styled by one of my former Wilsonville seniors-turned-bride-turned-MY-monthly stylist - Sarah Adams. (Jamie & Robert - who's vid. I'll add down the line as well.

Thank you Portland Metro, and especially to you LO peeps that seem to dominate the pack. I LOVE DOING WEDDINGS, despite the name of this blog post... (featuring a Disney wedding photo by, of course, one of my Lakeridge seniors-turned-bride-turned mom...)

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