What's the Secret Sauce to Award-winning Portraits and Service?..

In a word - Trust.

Trust in aptitude, reputation and ability to coach and capture you in that perfect expression to appeal to your future clients, mate or employer.

Making your mouth into the shape of a smile will not pass today's discerning web-shoppers. Your genuine expression will make or break a sale within three seconds of viewing your image. Backed by the science of our "Fight or Flight Response" we unconsciously discern as we seek the trust of our potential clients, mates or employers.

Photography may not be brain surgery, but there is a tremendous amount of psychology involved beyond the technical aspects of light ratios and composition mastery. Authenticity will not show without your comfort with staring at a little black gadget while you merely imagine what the camera must be seeing.

This is where a true professional photographer becomes a creative director. Guiding you through that genuine series of expressions that will match your goal.

Brian Geraths - by Brian Geraths

Brian Geraths - by Brian Geraths

Brian has been 100% Photographer since 1996. Specializing in authentic portraits with numerous accolades (achieved in six of his six years of active competition with Professional Photographers of America (and Oregon)

Brian has invested more than 70,000 hours to his craft since his high school nickname "Joe Photo".

Combine with that, more than 10 years in public speaker training to help add a voice to his otherwise-reclusive, artistic side, and you've got an empathetic talking mirror, viewing you through the eyes of those you look to attract.

The investment you make with us is a culmination of levity-infused perfectionism and business-savvy consultation.

We'll help you choose the best clothes, ideal background or setting to tell/sell your story.

To ice the cake, our seasoned retouching artist removes those unwanted incidental blemishes (and yes, pounds - through lighting and other smoke-in-mirrors...)

You’re a blast to work with, how much film do you have, I’ll stick around until you’re out.
— Magic Johnson (to Brian during their session in 2007)

AN A-LIST OF CLIENTS, and STILL SENSIBLY PRICED!  Since 2000, Brian has been trusted as the Official Headshot Photographer for the Portland Rose Festival Court and was recently awarded honorary Knighthood by the Royal Rosarians in recognition of his contribution to the community.

After more than 15 years of trusted service to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, Brian receives Honorary Knighthood by the Royal Rosarians.

After more than 15 years of trusted service to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, Brian receives Honorary Knighthood by the Royal Rosarians.

Brian has had the honor of photographing Queen Noor of Jordan, NBA Superstar Magic Johnson, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Astronaut and Senator John Glenn, and Crown Princess Masako of Japan (on his first overseas photo shoot in Japan.)

I’ve been hired to shoot at several of my ‘Bucket List’ destinations including The Bahamas and Kenya. Still there is nothing more rewarding to me than earning the trust of my everyday clients. Several of which have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars in knowing I’d deliver. THAT, to me, is PRICELESS!
— Brian Geraths