A Decade of Rules

Upon opening the studio in 1996 I had a goal to do only the things that I truly enjoyed doing. 13 years ago, I thought that High School Seniors were the last category I would add to my subjects-of-choice. I loved to work one-on-one, but was too introverted in high school to desire interacting with teens again - or so I thought...

In 1998, I booked four Tualatin High senior girls that requested to have their sessions done at the same time. Having survived it, I vowed to never do it again (tad overwhelming for my slowly evolving quite side) I had a great deal of fun, but felt socially exhausted. It did, however, clarify that this career change was the best decision I'd ever made. The experience of four teen girls, enthusiastic about the session and results, made working with all teens a less intimidating task - especially since I do mostly one at a time.

It was then, that I recall desiring to work on my interactive skills and bust out of my reclusive side to discover the potential of a voice. I joined POWERtalk International to work on my speaking skills, and discovered it to be a better payoff than most gear in my camera bags. I became more interactive, put my clients more at ease and continued to attract awards to my portrait work and business grew rapidly from that day.

I knew that I was in this for the long haul, and became jazzed about the potential of shooting more and more seniors and eventually sharing my then-preferred wedding photography with them as well. For years I was better as a journalistic fly-on-the-wall, photog. since I could just do what I did with minimal interaction.

I stopped advertising for weddings, and decided that I would take my chances on seeing them all come back in 5+ years. Since then, many have including one of those four Tualatin girls, Kati Rule.

It blew me away to think that 10 years had passed between Kati's senior portraits and her wedding, but it was an honor to see this cycle go full loop. In that "decade of Rules" came a chance to provide a vast number of services to her whole family.

Senior session, family portraits, brother Jacob (and Katherine) Rule's wedding, baby portraits of their daughter Lily (who we sold cover photo rights to McGraw Hill for the book Baby Signs), the engagement session of Kati and Jordan and alas - their wedding.

Thank you for more than 10 years of trust, and we hope to see you again for other studio services in the future. (Jordan, that's not a hint to become a father - we'll still be around when it's time...)


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