Photographer's photographer...

Over the past 15+ years, it has happened several times, that I felt beyond honored to be selected as an artists photographer. Knowing the discerning eye of people in this industry, I suppose it could instead be "nerve-racking" to consider such a duty, but to me it is the greatest of honors.

I've known the bride's photographer-dad for several years, as the only school photographer (JT Photography) to get a decent expression from my camera-shy kids. (an affect us trigger-happy sorts tend to have on our own family) Stephanie (bride) has been involved with their business by means of editing, thus I felt as though I was preparing for print competition, as I edited this wedding.

I had a blast Steve and Stephanie, and with any luck, your combined beauty will make ME look good enough to continue being a photographer's photographer... Enjoy the vid, and stay in touch! Brian