Service Knows No Limitations

In the infancy of my business (1996-2000) I was pulling double shifts, working 8 hours graveyard for Fred Meyer (where I got my business seed money as a manager), took a two hour morning nap, then woke to became a photographer for the next 10+ hours. After another two hour evening nap, the cycle continued for four years, void of REM sleep. I was on an adrenalin rush that could not stop me from learning to be the best that I could be for my clients.

Seeing attendees return to our event-site studio in ever-increasing numbers, has been my report card, assuring that I've put my efforts and education into the best categories of my craft. Quality posing, personable service and over-delivering in all that we do.

That attitude and determination has allowed me to last over 14 years in an industry that is anything but recession proof. To see some of my long-term clients do the same thing, to me, says a great deal about the attitude and determination of those that give their time to it.

At a time when any 501(C)3 non-profit might otherwise be biting their nails, the Classic Wines Auction (and esp. it's giving supporters) has come through for several charities that serve our neighbors in need. To be a part of this, coming from where I have to maintain my own survival, it is a great honor to share with you the many faces that have chosen to give at a time that could not be more critical to those who it serves. The amazing energy that fills this room when the paddles are raised, is like an annual reminder that when you care enough for others, that anything can happen.

Enjoy this short video of some of Portland's big-hearted givers in action.

Brian GerathsComment